I cannot begin to explain my life perhaps a constant alternation from thrilling to lonely, from exciting to boring. But something I can tell you, is about how frustrating it is to not be in control, to know that you’re alive because someone has permitted you to do so. I don’t like feeling that way, I’m here to change it.

Tatia was born in a small village in the 900’s. She was desired by many men, even from a young age, which eventually led to a child born out of wedlock when she was just seventeen. Despite having the child and having it taken away from her, she tried to live her life as normal, but the traumatic experience in her life had turned her into a different person, possibly for the worst.

There was only one glimmer of hope in her life, and that happened to be the love that she found in two young men in her village - The Mikaelson brother’s, both of which desired to be her suitor, along with the rest of the men in their village, but it was these two men in particular that caught her attention. She fell for them both immediately, and never did really ever make a choice between the two brothers. This caused a rift in the usually close siblings relationship as she courted them both, sometimes secretly, other times, she wasn’t so discreet. Despite a part of her feeling harsh for her behaviour, she couldn’t help but enjoy how they reacted over her.

But soon their rift would be the cause of her life changing for good. One night, Tatia was visited by the brothers’ mother, Esther. She warned Tatia to stay away from her sons, otherwise there would be consequences but still the young girl continued to spend time with both brother’s, sneaking away with either of them whenever she felt like it. It was only after that, that the young girl took their mother’s warning seriously. She came to her again, but this time she was not so polite. She took Tatia, sliced her palm and this time, her warning was true. She struck fear into the young girl’s heart and in exchange for her life, she fled the village, leaving her family and her loves behind.

A year after she had fled, she was found again by the kind hearted Elijah. He expressed his love for her, swore it to be truer than ever but Tatia could not return that love - despite her beginning to court the brother once more. He spoke of an eternal life, how he’d found her to be a miracle and that he wanted them to be together and to do so, he would need to feed her his blood. She accepted his proposition, finding it suited her needs - she didn’t want to die, nor did she want to marry, but it was one or the other in those times. Elijah soon after realised her plan and fled, refusing to help her if she proceeded to complete the transition. Tatia shook off his departure and focused on her new life that she would lead but that night as she planned to end her own life, she had the displeasure of a visit from a not-so-kind Original. Rebekah Mikaelson - a girl who hadn’t envied her like the others, a girl who looked at her with disgust, with hatred for the fight she had caused between her brothers and the young vampire snapped her neck without blinking.

When Tatia woke up into immortality, she knew what she had to do. She headed to the nearest town and preyed on the weakest individual, he fell putty into her hands, unable to resist her charms and within ten minutes of waking, she had completed her transition. From then on, the walls around Tatia had been built up, she was a cold being and seemed to show no care for anybody. She hoped that Rebekah would never speak of their visit and that Elijah would not utter a word of his betrayal to his brother, and fled in the opposite direction of the Mikaelson family.

After that, Tatia kept her own life on the down low. She lived in cities, were bodies were easily disposed of and people were barely ever noticed to be missing. She went on her life, draining people of their blood, partying and going through men quickly. She never did settle for long though and always seemed to be travelling - although, secretly, she did check up on the Original family from time to time, hoping that they still mourned her disappearance.

It is now that she has found herself in a small town, one quite outside of her usual tastes. She heard that the Original family had settled in this town and her curiosity got the better of her and she found herself drawn to them. Part of her trying to convince herself that she is there to bring the pain and arguments back in to the brother’s lives, part of her wants to remind Niklaus of his humanity, after hearing stories of the horrible monsters that was every supernatural beings worse nightmare, and the other part of her wants to show Rebekah what she created that night when she let her feelings get the better of herself. But most of all, she has convinced herself that she is there to cause drama, because she is not the only person to hold this face in the small town of Mystic Falls.

Try me, sweetheart.

Niklaus Mikaelson; past love/love interest
Elijah Mikaelson; past love/love interest
Kol Mikaelson; it’s complicated
Rebekah Mikaelson; enemy
Tatia Petrova is manipulative, isolated and bleak, but she can also be defensive and attentive. She can sometimes be witty and playful.